Tomorrow we will attempt to blockade the council house  to stop the vote that will bring the misery of yet more cuts to Birmingham

We are taking action to defend Birmingham and the people who call it home: the people who make up our communities and who depend on the vital services now being cut

The richest are taking huge tax cuts while we are hit by the bedroom tax. They are ever richer, living in ever bigger mansions while across the Birmingham we suffer a housing crisis. 180,000 people now on waiting lists for social housing across the west midlands.

Our schools are being turned into academies, waste collection is drying up, youth services are being closed and social services for families, adults and pensioners are becoming utterly unaffordable, or being cut altogether.

Yet victories can be won. Campaigners across Birmingham have overturned cuts with well-organised campaigns. Parents campaigned and stopped the West-Heath school from becoming an academy, the parents of the children of Charles House respite centre for disabled children beat back cuts by storming constituency meetings  and shaming their officials into backing down. The Cotteridge  community united to keep the Merrishaw Nursery open and stopped the planned closure.

We are writing so that all people who feel wronged by the cuts and the forces of austerity can find friends and allies.

Our actions tomorrow are not at full force. Many across the city are not yet organising. Today is just one battle in a long fight against cuts and austerity. Every year the national and local governments will attempt a new wave of destructive cuts and measures, until 2017. It is up to the people of Birmingham to present a challenge to the self-interested, ideological, wealthy elite attempting these devastating changes.

We can win – but only with your help, and the help of communities coming together in force.

Tomorrow dozens will be taking action to blockade the Council and stop vote on the cuts budget. Next year, we it must be thousands. We must make it impossible for them to implement their cuts.

We are calling for the entire city to mobilise, in preparation for the next round of austerity in a years time. The community must be on the streets. Workers must go out on strike. We must send a strong message that our city won’t work if they continue pursue their plans – creating poverty and misery for us, and unihibited wealth for them.


 Invite your friends on Facebook now to the 2014 vote blockade.

Join Communities Against the Cuts

Come to the cross-city Anti-Cuts Conference on the 16th March


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