The central government must stop with their austerity program and cease its unfair disproportionate cuts to Birmingham and other cities. Our local government must do more to stand up for Birmingham; they should make a stand against the cuts, not merely implement them without a fight.

On the 5th of January 2013 115 people agreed and co-wrote this letter calling on the council to join them in a joint campaign to save Birmingham. On the 16th of January 175 people met and collectively agreed on the need to up the ante or face complete defeat – the loss of nearly all our public services, the things that allow most of us to live decent lives. On the 3rd of February 210 people wrote this follow up letter to the council. Today while we’re occupying it, anti-cuts groups are marching on the Council house to protest these cuts.

These are encouraging signs but still not enough to turn the tide on austerity. Organisations like Communities Against the Cuts (CATC) a grassroots alliance of community campaigners and Birmingham Against the Cuts (BATC) a coalition of trade unions are forces that with your participation could become truly effective vehicles for a movement.

Join CATC on Facebook here and get on the e-mail list here.

Join BATC on Facebook here sign onto the e-mail list here.


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